Red Dough Bowl Candle

Red Dough Bowl Candle

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Our Dough Bowl Candle is a beautiful addition to any decor. Perfect for any room.

When Candle is finished simply wipe out with warm paper towel and use for other display items. Each bowl is hand carved from our supplier, filled with 100% Natural Soy Wax, only using top quality skin safe and phthalate free fragrances, complete with three to four natural cotton wicks for an amazing toxin free burn.

Wick placement has been tested, please follow directions on the warning label on the bottom of your bowl. Safety is a priority!

These bowls weigh approx 2lbs each. They will burn for a very very long time. Please choose your scent.

Candles can be colored but will be done in white unless you specify(just add a note at checkout) . *EO-Essential Oil* We use real Cedar Tips and other naturals for decor that needs to be removed before burning. Each Dough Bowl comes with a care card please follow all directions.